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Please, read the following terms for connection very carefully. Do you accept all the terms?

1. General provisions and definitions

MyPaykz is a service that allows remotely via mobile phone to give commands to the Issuing Bank to make MO/TO transactions to pay for services of various Merchants by using a bank card account of the Subscriber of any bank in the world, 24h, in real time. MyPaykz Service is provided to subscribers by using payment application, which the Subscriber needs to download to his mobile phone.

Bank card is a type of payment cards as a tool for non-cash payments that are intended for making operations with the issuer’s funds, in accordance with the Rules of International Payment System, Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and regulations of the National Bank and agreement with the Issuer.

Java application (Midlet) is a software that supports dynamic menu, which can be downloaded to a mobile phone of the subscriber via access to the wap-site from a mobile phone, web site from a computer or other device and further midlet loading via USB cable or Bluetooth or IRDA connection to provide subscriber with the access to the MyPaykz Service.

Issuing Bank is an authorized bank, which serves card accounts and issues Bank cards. In case of the MyPaykz Service, any bank can be an Issuing-Bank servicing cards of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard.

Acquiring Bank is an authorized bank which makes the primary transaction processing and undertakes all plastic cards operations with the Merchants that are within its scope of activity: funds transfer to the Merchant accounts for goods and services. In case of the MyPaykz Service, the Acquiring Bank is the Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan JSC(

MO/TO-transactions (MO/TO — Mail Order/Telephone Order) is a payment operation with bank cards, at the time of which the card holder is not present in person at the point of sales of goods or services.

2. General Description of MyPay Service

2.1 Intervale Kazakhstan LLP ( provides subscribers with possibility to give commands to the Issuing Bank (through the Acquiring Bank) to execute payments for Merchants’ services via a bank card with an sms generated by payment application (Midlet).

2.2 Payments commission to the third party services shall be performed by the Acquiring Bank by means of a funds transfer from the bank card to the payment details of the corresponding Merchant.

2.3 Transfer of funds shall be done upon the identification of a special access code dialed by the subscriber when entering the menu of the service, and successful registration by subscriber of his own bank cards.

2.4 The Subscriber agrees that Intervale Kazakhstan LLP reserves the right to store data on bank cards after their successful registration for use in the MyPaykz Service and the application (Midlet).

2.5 The Subscriber gives the confirmation to receive messages on new types of services, new Merchants, news of the Merchants and other partners of the project from the Intervale Kazakhstan LLP and partners of the MyPaykz project. Intervale Kazakhstan LLP guarantees that such messages shall be free of charge for the client. In case of need, the client has the right to reject the receipt of such messages by leaving a corresponding notification in the office of Intervale Kazakhstan LLP.

2.6 The Subscriber confirms sending of a request from a mobile phone through the MyPaykz Service menu regarding the debiting of funds by the Issuing Bank from the bank card against a payment for the third party services with use of a special access code to the MyPaykz Service, which indisputably evidences the subscriber’s intention to transfer the above mentioned funds.

2.7 The Subscriber shall take all possible efforts to prevent unauthorized access of third parties to the confidential information and menu of the MyPaykz Service, including the access code.

2.8 Intervale Kazakhstan LLP underwrites non-disclosure of the information on the bank card of the subscriber.

3. The procedure of providing MyPay Service

To be provided with the MyPaykz Service the subscriber needs to:

3.1. Obtain the Application.

Download JAVA application. The Subscriber can download the MyPaykz payment application in the form of a java application following the link
Through the Internet site from a PC or any other device and then perform further midlet downloading via USB cable or Bluetooth.

3.2. Set an access code to the MyPaykz Service.

During the first login to the MyPaykz Service, the subscriber is proposed to set an access code corresponding with the following conditions:
1) length of the access code shall be from 4 up to 8 digits,
2) digits should not be similar, for example 2222,
3) digits should not be in the direct or reverse sequence, for example 1234 or 9876.
Make sure you remember your access code! If an incorrect code is entered three times, the access to the MyPaykz Service shall be blocked.

3.3 Restoring forgotten access code.

For further use of the service it is necessary to use the option Settings — Forgot your access code? Or contact the support service of the Intervale Kazakhstan LLP: +7 (727) 2440448. Afterwards it is necessary to create a new access code and register you bank cards, which were deleted in the process of the code restoring for security purposes, with the MyPaykz Service.

3.4. Update the menu.

To update the menu of the MyPaykz application you need to select Settings, and then click Update the menu. The message ‘Request sent’ appears on the phone screen. After the menu updating, which can take several minutes (it depends on the data transmission rate on the network) the subscriber receives the following SMS — ‘Menu Updated’. To read the messages — exit the menu.

3.5. Register bank card with the MyPaykz payment application.

To register a bank card with the MyPaykz payment application the worldwide adopted procedure of reservation by a bank card is used. A checksum from 00.01 tenge to 99.00 tenge is reserved on the bank card for the time of registration. Afterwards, the client should contact the bank for details about the exact checksum reserved (contacting the Call–centre of the bank) through internet-banking, sms, which will be sent to your mobile phone in case you are subscribed to the mobile banking of the bank (a list of all Call-centers of the banks in Kazakhstan with telephone numbers and details required for identification of the client), or by personal visit to the branch of your bank.
If you have not found your bank in the list, turn your bank card and on the back side of the card you can find the contact phone number of a Call-centre of your bank. Dial the number and find out the reserved checksum.
Once you have figured out the checksum, it is necessary to enter it to the Midlet. If the amount coincides your card relates to the Midlet and you will be able to make payments. After registration or upon expiration of 14 days, regardless the result of registration, the reserved checksum is cancelled.

3.6 Removal of bank card.

To remove the bank card it is necessary to select My cards in the menu of MyPaykz application, then choose Remove. The Application will request to enter the access code and select a card to be removed from the service, for example ‘work’. Upon confirmation: ‘Remove card: work?’ Click ОК. After that the service will send the request to remove the bank card from the MyPaykz Service, the list of main menu will return to the phone screen.
The successful result of the bank card removal will be absence of the card in the menu My cards—List.

4. Bank card registration procedure.

Step 1. Bank card data entering:

In the menu of MyPaykz application select My cards, then choose Add, then Step 1: bank card data entering.
When you select the item you will see the following message “The checksum of up to 100 tenge will be reserved on your bank account. Continue?” Click ОК.
Then enter the bank card number – usually 16 digits. For example, card number 1234567890123456.
After entering the card number, it is necessary to assign a name to the card to be displayed in the menu of the MyPaykz Service, the format of the name is arbitrary, for example, ’work’ or ‘3456’. This option is missing in some versions (in this case the name is assigned automatically and consist of the last 4 digits of the bank card number, if necessary you can rename the card in My cards—Rename).
Once you have entered the name, it is necessary to enter the card expiry date (for example, 1212) and CVV2 code (for example, 123). CVV2 (CVC2) code is a group of three digits on the back side of a card in the line with the holder’s signature, there can also be either the full card number or the last 4 digits of the card number.
On the phone screen a hint to enter the access code will appear. Enter the code and confirm by clicking OK.

  • In case the bank card details were entered correctly, the subscriber will receive an SMS with the description of further steps.
  • In case the bank card details were entered incorrectly, the subscriber will receive an SMS about the necessity to check entered parameters.

Receiving the checksum:

If in the Issuing Bank the card account of the subscriber is signed for the SMS-information service on transactions, then the subscriber receives an SMS about the checksum. For example: ‘Bank: on the card 3456, the amount of 27.80 KZT was reserved on 18/01/2010 19:37’ (3456 is a card number). Enter the displayed amount into the menu My cards—Add—Step 2: Confirmation. To read the message you need to exit the menu.
If in the Issuing Bank the card account of the subscriber is NOT signed for the SMS-information service on transactions, then the subscriber-holder of a bank card — independently learns the checksum by making a phone call to his bank (indicating the code word, usually mother’s maiden name), or by personal visit to the branch of the bank or through the Internet-Bank. The phone number of the bank is shown on the back side of the bank card.
From bank operations point of view, the checksum will be shown as a payment within 100 tenge. When you call/visit bank, specify the last payments. The payment less than 100 tenge will be the checksum (reserved) for the bank card activation.
After completing the card activation procedure with the MyPaykz Service the payment will be returned to your account.

Step 2 Confirmation:

In the menu of the service choose My cards, then Add and Step 2: Confirmation. When select the menu item a hint appears: ‘Learn (check) the sum reserved by the bank’. To continue, click OK. After entering the sum, you will be required to enter the access code.

  • In case the sum was entered correctly, the subscriber receives the message: ‘Your bank card was activated in the MyPaykz application’.
  • In case the sum was entered incorrectly, the subscriber will receive the following SMS ‘The sum was entered incorrectly’. Attention! If the sum is entered incorrectly three times, the usage of the service from that phone is blocked.

The successful result of registration will be display of the bank card with the name assigned during the registration (for example ‘work’), or the last 4 digits of the bank card ‘3456’ in the menu My cards—List.

5. Example of payment with the MyPay Service

To make a payment, it is necessary to form a command to the Acquiring Bank by payment application:

In the Pay menu choose the category of payment, for example, Utilities, then select the city and then the receiver, for example TarazEnergoCentre.

After selecting the bank card for payment, it is necessary to enter the access code CVV2 (CVC2) of the bank card (the code consist of 3 digits and is indicated on the back side of the card in the line for the holder’s signature), click OK.

Then a hint on the format of the TarazEnergoCentre account number entering will appear: ‘Account number (10 digits)’. Enter the account number, for example 9161234567.

Then a hint on the format of sum entering will appear: ‘The sum is entered in tenge’. Enter the amount required for payment, for example 100 tenge.

After entering the sum, it is necessary to confirm the request command for payment: ‘Confirm sending the request with the following parameters: 9161234567; 100?’ To continue, click OK.

On the display of the phone a hint will appear about the necessity to enter the access code. Enter the access code and confirm by clicking ОК.

Upon successful confirmation of the access code, SMS is formed and sent to process the payment, on the display of a phone the message appears: ‘Request sent’, next ‘Please wait for the answer’.

In case the payment is processed successfully by the Acquiring Bank, the subscriber receives a message, for example: ‘04.09.2010 14:20:21 Payment of 100,00 KZT (04507) TarazEnergoCentre was processed ’. (04507 is a transaction number).

In case the payment from the bank card is not processed by the Acquiring Bank, the subscriber receives a messages, for example: ‘04.09.2010 14:20:21 Payment of 100,00 KZT (04507) TarazEnergoCentre was not processed ‘. (04507 – transaction number).

After writing off of funds from the bank account, a message will be received with the result of the payment executed through the menu of MyPaykz Service. This message will appear for a few seconds on the phone display atop of all the menu items, and will not be saved in the automatic memory of the phone. This message can be viewed in the Payments history. If the subscriber left the payment application before receiving the payment result message, he will be able to view it during the next logon to the menu of MyPaykz Service.

6. Tariffication of MyPay Service

6.1 The cost of one SMS to transact a payment shall be 40 tenge, including VAT. And 10 tenge, including VAT, to update the menu.
For java application an outgoing SMS to number 1603 (payments) or number 1604 (servicing – the menu updating) is chargeable. For application on iPhone an incoming SMS from number 1604 shall be chargeable.

6.2 The registration cost for one bank card with the service shall be 10 tenge, including VAT. For java-application an outgoing SMS to number 1604 shall be chargeable. For application on iPhone – an incoming SMS from number 1604.

6.3 Costs of services requests:
For java application and iPhone:
The cost of downloading and application activation, the menu updating, renaming the list of cards shall be charged according to the subscriber’s tariff plan for SMS sending.

6.4 The MyPaykz application for iPhone transfers payment and service requests via http, which are charged according to the subscriber’s tariff plan for SMS sending.

6.5 All requests (payments and service) shall be charged regardless the following result. To clarify the reason of payment failure, it is necessary to contact the client’s Issuing Bank.

6.6 Additional commission from the payment sum shall not be charged.

7. Limitations

7.1 The minimum amount of MO/TO transaction for service payment by the MyPaykz service is 100 tenge, the maximum amount is 15,000 tenge.

7.2 The maximum number of payment operations from one bank card is 7 transactions per day (24 h).

7.3 The service is not available for holders of the American Express, VISA Business, Mastercard Business cards, as well as for holders of corporate cards for production costs.

7.4 The service is not available for holders of bank cards on which the CVV2 (for Visa cards) or CVC2 (for MasterCard) is not specified. CVV2 (CVC2) is a group of three digits on the back side of a bank card in the line of the holder’s signature.

7.5 Existence of limitations on MO/TO transactions usage in servicing bank cards should be specified at your Issuing Bank (particularly it is important for Visa Electron and Cirrus/Maestro plastic cards). The list of banks you can find at

7.6 For information purposes – same-day payments are transferred for the following companies: Kar-Tel LLP (Beeline trade mark), GSM Kazakhstan (Kcell trade mark), ALTEL JSC (Dalacom/ Pathword trade mark), Mobile Telecom-Service LLP (NEO trade mark), Kazakhtelecom JSC, Alma-TV JSC, and ALSECO JSC. For all other suppliers that do not have online payment systems, the payment is processed within 3 days.

7.7 If one of the bank card identification parameters is modified (for example, prolongation of expiry date), the service discontinues its work, and it is necessary to remove details of the bank card from the My cards menu and repeat the registration procedure.

7.8 In case the telephone number is change it will not be possible to use the service; you shall reset the access code (for Midlet) and repeat the registration of the bank cards.

7.9 To download Midlet, a mobile device should have:

  • For common mobile phones: up to 700KB of free memory; the MIDP 2.0 standard support and JSR 120 module. Practically all devices released since 2005. You can see a list of supported models and find your manufacturer at
  • For smartphones with OS Simbian S60, S80: up to 700KB of free memory, the MIDP 2.0 standard support and JSR 120 module.
  • For smartphones with OS Windows Mobile: OS 5.0 or higher; 5 MB of ROM and 7 MB of RAM free memory. For Apple iPhones 2G, 3G, 3GS: OS 2.1 and above; free memory of 2 MB.

8. Other Conditions

8.1 In order to return funds paid via a bank card for Merchant’s services the subscriber shall submit a corresponding statement and attach the document confirming the payment to the recipients of the payment (the list of Enterprises with contact details). Intervale Kazakhstan LLP and Acquiring Bank shall not be liable for the consideration results of the funds return application filed by the subscriber to the third parties. The details regarding the conditions of funds return, and accounts corrections shall be obtained from the payment recipients to whose benefit such erroneous payments were transferred.

To obtain the document that confirms the payment via the MyPaykz Service, the owner of the bank card shall contact his Issuing Bank (the list of Issuing Banks in Kazakhstan). If you have not found your bank in the list, on the back side you will see the phone number of your bank’s Call-Centre. Dial the number to contact the Call-Centre and specify the blocked sum.

8.2 The funds transferred via a bank card to the Merchant’s account shall be returned by transferring the funds to the subscriber’s bank card.

8.3 If the subscriber challenges the fact of payment initiating actions, he undertakes to contact the Issuing Bank preliminary in order to settle the dispute (

8.4 Within the framework of the MyPaykz Service the Intervale Kazakhstan LLP informs about the necessity of technological upgrades of the user menu by free incoming SMS-messages.

8.5 The subscribers shall be notified on the termination of current Conditions via the MyPaykz web site. The conditions shall be considered terminated cancelled as of the date specified in the notice.

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